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A potential Revueltosaurus-such as creature is obtainable regarding Wolfville Creation (Carnian; Sues & Olsen, 2015 ) away from Nova Scotia

A potential Revueltosaurus-such as creature is obtainable regarding Wolfville Creation (Carnian; Sues & Olsen, 2015 ) away from Nova Scotia

six.2.3 Almost every other Revueltosaurus-instance taxa

To start with referred to an enthusiastic ornithischian dinosaur (Galton, 1983 ), Irmis, Parker, et al. ( 2007 ) debated that NSM 004 Girl , good posterior percentage of a remaining maxilla having much of a good tooth for the an enthusiastic alveolus, shares many character states with Roentgen. callenderi in dental care and you may maxillary morphology and a robust ridge over the ventral margin of your antorbital fossa, the latest better-install buccal emargination of tooth row from inside the ventral examine, and you may a good denticled tooth top not having a basal asymmetrical swelling (Irmis, Parker, mais aussi al., 2007 ). An enthusiastic ilium regarding the Wolfville Development (NSM 012 Sweetheart ) is extremely like R. callenderi for the that have a keen anterior means of the fresh iliac blade that will not continue anteriorly beyond the anterior extent of your own pubic peduncle and contains a standard, game dorsal margin into iliac knife. So it element along with aids the clear presence of an excellent Revueltosaurus-for example taxon regarding formation (Sues & Olsen, 2015 ).

six.step 3 Biostratigraphic events and effects

R. callenderi has only started recorded from a couple portion, the kind locality regarding Bull Canyon Development (Dockum Category) away from eastern New Mexico (Appear, 1989 ; Seem ainsi que al., 2005 ) and also the Chinle Development from the Petrified Forest Federal Park (Padian, 1990 ; Beuhler mais aussi al., 2001 ; Parker ainsi que al., 2005 ; Atchley mais aussi al., 2013 ; Contour 1b). At the latter place, prior to looking voucher specimens of your own taxon about best Blue Mesa Affiliate and you may center Sonsela Associate, R. callenderi are believed to take place in a limited stratigraphic range from inside the the lower-middle Petrified Tree Affiliate (Beuhler mais aussi al., 2001 ; Hunt, 2001 ; Parker & ) contended one to Roentgen. callenderi is actually away from biochronological electricity. Both in the brand new amolatina indir Mexican form of area and Coated Wilderness localities into the north PEFO, R. callenderi cooccurs on the aetosaur T. coccinarum and you may mystriosuchine (= pseudopalatine) leptosuchomorph phytosaurs, taxa that happen to be used due to the fact list taxa on Revueltian holochronozone (Lucas & Have a look, 1993 ; ) debated one once the on PEFO R. callenderi was discover simply in the a particular facies (blue paleosols) at the just one stratigraphic peak (just over the Painted Desert step 3 Sandstone), why these events failed to portray the genuine stratigraphic list of the latest taxon and you may alternatively reflected a maintenance prejudice. After that findings off R. callenderi question about Owl Rock Member (Gordon et al., 2020 ; Whatley et al., 2013 ) and you will Sonsela Associate (Atchley ainsi que al., 2013 ) supporting it theory, that the specimens demonstrate that no less than at the PEFO, the fresh stratigraphic list of R. callenderi stretches toward hidden Adamanian holochronozone. The absence of R. callenderi from the other penecontemporaneous sites on the American Southwest try puzzling, like offered exactly how numerous it is on sites where they happens. Such, the fresh vertebrate assemblage of your own Petrified Forest Member from the Ghost Farm within the northern The fresh new Mexico was geographically advanced within sorts of locality of Roentgen. callenderi and you may PEFO, offers the newest visibility many different Revueltian directory taxa (Irmis, Nesbitt, ainsi que al., 2007 ; Whiteside et al., 2015 ), and has exact ages constraints that show it overlaps in time with the down Petrified Forest Representative in the PEFO (Irmis mais aussi al., 2011 ; Rasmussen et al., 2020 ). There isn’t any obvious taphonomic good reason why so it well-tested and varied assemblage should not preserve Revueltosaurus, because it includes sets from quick-bodied drepanosaurs to high-bodied phytosaurs and aetosaurs. Similarly, it’s curious that R. callenderi has not been available at most other Bull Canyon Formation sites or in equivalent strata in the western Texas (e.g., Lehman & Chatterjee, 2005 ; ).

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